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Enrollment Urged in Disaster System

DIRS exists in part to help stations in times of crisis

August and September are risky months for hurricanes, and the season lasts into November . The FCC Media Bureau is taking the opportunity to encourage broadcasters to register and participate (PDF) in its Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS).

Registered users input data on the status of their broadcast facilities, communications links, generator fuel and other items. They also provide emergency contact information the FCC can use to contact them to assist with disaster recovery and assistance from the FCC’s federal partners.

Updates are easy to do using the DIRS website, but I encourage stations with group management or sister stations outside the disaster area to consider having someone outside listed as a DIRS participant, so the engineer within the disaster area doesn’t have to struggle to find a working Internet connection.

The engineer at the affected station can quickly update that person, who could then update the DIRS website and handle inquiries.

— Doug Lung, TV Technology