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Envision Opens the VirtualVoiceBank

VO talent available on-call

Radio content and services provider Envision Networks has a new content production material service available — the VirtualVoiceBank.

The barter-based VirtualVoiceBank, according to a release, “offers unlimited access to spot voiceovers for radio commercials in English or Spanish.”

Envision Networks President and CEO Danno Wolkoff explained, “The ongoing success of our SpotVO service and conversations with radio stations made us realize that there is a definite need in the marketplace for a service offering top voiceover talent for barter.”

He adds, “We’ve developed VirtualVoiceBank as an answer to those needs, offering a service that is truly turn-key with over 30 voice talents available to read commercial copy with less than 24-hour turnaround time.”

VirtualVoiceBank also offers full-service commercial production services.