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E-Radio Demonstrates Smart Tech at CES

Technology uses RDS to communicate with appliances

The folks at e-Radio Inc. and project partner water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith Corp. are demonstrating their smart technology at the CES 2015 Tech West venue at the Sahara.

The e-Radio P2D 2045 module has been named a CES Innovations Awards Honoree in the Tech For a Better World category.

The company’s module uses FM RDS to send real-time electricity pricing directly to appliances, enabling them to buy energy more intelligently (and cost effectively), the company says.

Company EVP Duff Roman and VP/Strategic Planning (and former NPR engineer) Mike Starling tell Radio World that the concept works like so — an e-Radio-enabled device, such as an enabled washer, for example, decides to wash a load of clothes at a time when heating water is less expensive. It can base the decision on information it receives from the electric utility, transmitted over FM RDS.

The company is building out a network of FM partner stations now. The technology has the possibility of bringing nontraditional revenue to stations, as well as saving consumers and power companies money, they believe.

For utilities, the ubiquitous FM RDS communication network ensures high levels of reliability with visual confirmation of locked signal quality, authenticated messages and optimal confirmation of load reduction during times of peak demand or increasing demand during traditional off-hours, according to the company.