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Eventide, BGS Snag Nassau Profanity Order

Eventide, BGS Snag Nassau Profanity Order

From the Who’s Buying What page of Radio World:
Eventide said 20 BD500 broadcast obscenity delays were purchased through Broadcasters General Store by Nassau Broadcasting Partners, which recently acquired 33 New England-area stations. Jeff Smith is director of broadcast systems for Nassau.
Separately, Eventide announced the integration of its existing Canadian dealers into an expanded North American dealer network.
“With the open borders with our northern neighbor, combined with the recent exchange rate improvements, implementing a sales structure similar to the U.S. makes a great deal of sense,” said the company’s vice president of sales and marketing.
Soul Tech Marketing, which represents Eventide in the metropolitan New York area, will serve Eventide in eastern Canada, and Northshore, which handles Eventide in the Pacific Northwest, will serve western Canada.
The former distributor was HHB Canada.