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Facebook IPO Has Radio Angle

Lasar: ‘Radio is part of the equation’

Facebook’s planned public offering is big news. Radio observer Matthew Lasar riffs on it, writing that “Facebook clearly sees itself as a player in the radio business and a competitor with broadcast radio.”

On the Radio Survivor blog, Lasar quotes from page 3 of the IPO, where Facebook mentions its radio interface with Pandora as a way of creating value for developers.

(“For example,” the company states, “a Facebook user can visit the Pandora website and immediately begin listening to a personalized radio station that is customized based on the bands the user Likes on Facebook. …”)

On another page, Facebook predicts that it will attract companies that traditionally advertise with radio.

Lasar comments, “It’s evident that Facebook sees itself as a provider of every possible kind of media, and an attractor of every possible kind of media advertiser. Radio is part of the equation. With 845 million active users, how could it be otherwise?”