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FCC Asks for $300 Million

FCC Asks for $300 Million

The FCC estimates it needs $304 million for fiscal year 2006, which begins in October, or 3.8% more than the current year.
The amount represents an $11 million increase.
In its budget request to Congress, the commission projects it will work with the equivalent of nearly 2,000 full-time staff positions in FY 2006.
Included in the request is $1.3 million to improve its electronic filing systems and $9.3 million to consolidate and upgrade its labs in Columbia, Md., “to ensure the FCC has adequate monitoring and test capabilities to respond to industry, enforcement and homeland security issues.”
Funds will be used to replace the “inadequate” facilities that range in age from 30 to 100 years old, according to the commission in its budget request.
Seventy percent of the FY 2005 allocation, just under $293 million, is allocated to salaries and benefits. The FY 2006 budget request assumes a 2.3% salary increase for commission staff.