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FCC Chairman Supports Bush Spectrum Policy Initiative

FCC Chairman Supports Bush Spectrum Policy Initiative

FCC Chairman Michael Powell supports the spectrum policy reform and modernization initiative launched by President George W. Bush.
“The radio spectrum is a key driver of economic growth, and supports an array of devices, applications and services Americans have come to depend upon – from radars used in our national defense to tele-medicine, from mobile phones to the public safety radios used by our first responders,” said Powell.
Given “an explosion of spectrum-based technologies” used by wireless voice and data communications, radar, geolocation/navigation and other uses. Bush stated in his memo the government must “unlock the economic value and entrepreneurial potential of U.S. spectrum assets while ensuring that sufficient spectrum is available to support critical government functions.”
While the FCC has had a task force looking at all such rules, the President has widened the effort across several executive branch departments, agencies and offices.