FCC Gets Tough on Indecency

FCC Gets Tough on Indecency
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Two major enforcement decisions from the FCC ... The commission issued a Notice of Apparent Liability, and a proposed maximum fine of $357,500, against Infinity Broadcasting for allegedly broadcasting indecent material on numerous stations on the Aug. 15, 2002, Opie & Anthony show. This was the alleged sex in the church incident. The FCC received more than 500 complaints about the incident.
Commissioner Michael Copps dissented, saying the decision was "a slap on the wrist" while Commissioner Kevin Martin said the fine should have been higher.
In the other major enforcement action, the agency issued a Notice of Apparent Liability and proposed a maximum fine of $55,000 against AMFM Radio for broadcasting allegedly indecent material on WWDC(FM), Washington for two incidents on the "Elliot in the Morning" program. The agency said calls on those programs contained references to oral sex, violating the FCC's indecency rules.