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FCC Hears Importance of Auxiliary Spectrum From SBE

FCC Hears Importance of Auxiliary Spectrum From SBE

The Society of Broadcast Engineers presented the “Broadcast News and Sports Tutorial” to more than 100 staff of the FCC this week. The purpose of the five-hour program was to inform attendees about broadcasters’ use of auxiliary spectrum regulated under 47 CFR Part 74.
The program that included presentations by SBE, CBS Sports, the National Football League, Broadcast Sports, Media Alert and the Southern California Frequency Coordination Committee. The importance of spectrum availability and coordination of its use was described using real-life examples of breaking news and sports programming. Video clips of breaking news coverage of wildfires, marine disasters and severe weather depicted how broadcasters rely on auxiliary spectrum and wireless communications to report news to the public. The wide use of wireless devises in sporting events was depicted using PGA Golf tournaments, auto races and NFL football games as examples. The important role of the SBE regional and event frequency coordinators was explained.
“This was an excellent educational program and offered the opportunity to establish a working dialogue between the FCC and broadcast engineers responsible for their station’s BAS services,” said SBE Vice President, Ray Benedict of Viacom.
Moderating the program was SBE Frequency Coordination Director, David Otey. Presenters, in addition to Otey, included Ken Aagaard and Larry Barbatsoulis of CBS Sports, Ralph Beaver of Media Alert, Howard Fine of the Southern California Frequency Coordination Committee, Jay Gerber and Karl Voss of the National Football League.
Also making presentations were SBE General Counsel, Chris Imlay of Booth, Freret, Imlay & Tepper, P.C., Peter Larsson of Broadcast Sports and Louis Libin of Broad-Comm. Bruce Franca, Deputy Chief of the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology, Benedict and SBE Executive Director, John Poray provided opening comments.