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FCC History of TV Web Site Debuts

FCC History of TV Web Site Debuts

Don’t they know TV is just a fad?
The FCC has undertaken a history project to demonstrate the social and economic importance of communication technologies. According to Radio World’s sister publication TV Technology, the first element of this project is a technological history of television from the 1880s to the present.
The site at states, “The FCC has undertaken a history project with the purpose of reminding those who either visit or work in FCC headquarters of the rich technological heritage that underlies today’s vibrant communications marketplace.
“The FCC is pleased to have played a historical role in fostering the innovative atmosphere that enabled creative minds and led to technological breakthroughs. The FCC remains committed today to further fostering innovation in communications.”
The site is illustrated and includes links to video clips of first intercity broadcast, the Telstar launch and more. There are links to the IEEE History Center, the MZTV Museum and other sites dealing with the history of TV.
In addition to the Web site, the FCC will have a small exhibit and display on the history of television in its Washington headquarters.

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