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FCC: Indecency Complaints Spiked After 2004 Super Bowl

FCC: Indecency Complaints Spiked After 2004 Super Bowl

In the first quarter of 2004, the FCC received a total of 693,080 indecency/obscenity complaints for radio and TV. That compares to 146,403 such complaints in the previous quarter, when the public was first able to e-mail complaints to the agency.
The bulk of those in the first quarter came in February – after Janet Jackson’s breast exposure during last year’s Super Bowl halftime show.
Meanwhile, cable complaints decreased from 185 to 175 in Q1 2004, according to the report released by the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau.
In the second quarter of last year, a total of 272,818 indecency/obscenity complaints were received about broadcasters. Cable complaints during that period continued downward, decreasing slightly from 175 to 169.
The commission notes that the existence of a complaint doesn’t automatically mean a station violated the law.