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FCC Reduces Tower Light Fine

FCC Reduces Tower Light Fine

The FCC cut in half a tower fine previously levied against Gresham Communications owner William Saunders. The commission had said his tower in Walterboro, S.C. had no red obstruction lighting at night. During an inspection in 2000, a field agent discovered the tower was not registered with the agency.
Saunders told the FCC the red beacon was repaired and provided a copy of a registration application.
After receiving a complaint that the tower had not been lighted for two years, in 2002, the FCC re-inspected and found the same violations; it eventually fined Saunders $10,000.
Saunders said vandals caused the tower damage and that the other lights on the structure worked. The commission cut the fine in half after Saunders proved paying $10,000 would cause financial hardship.

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