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Federal Job Book is Treasure Trove

The feds are looking for a few thousand workers

Looking for a good government job? Now is the time.

The federal government has released the so-called “Plum Book,” an inventory of some 8,000 jobs that will soon be vacated by the Bush administration and open for hire.

Published every four years by the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and the House Committee on Government Reform alternately after each presidential election, the Plum Book data covers positions such as agency heads and their immediate subordinates, policy executives and advisors, and aides who report to these officials.

There are nearly 2 million federal employees at the moment.

Pay runs the gamut, from well-compensated jobs such as the chief of staff at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who earns $221,100 a year, to a member of the Arctic Research Commission, a part-time, four-year-gig paying $571 annually.

In case you were wondering, four of the FCC commissioners are listed at pay level IV, making $149,000 for 2008, while the chairman’s post is a level III, listed at $158,500 for the year under the executive salary schedule in the back of the book.