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FHH: Court Gets Involved in Form 323 Dispute

At issue is requiring social security numbers on ownership report

The July deadline is approaching to file FCC Form 323, regarding commercial radio ownership; but a wrinkle has developed that may yet again delay the filing deadline.

As we have reported, the commission delayed the use of this revised form while it was reworked. Some public interest groups had expressed concern about a requirement that all station owners with an “attributable” interest provide their Social Security Numbers.

Communications Law firm Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, along with several broadcast state associations, asked a federal appeals court to step in and make the commission comply with proper procedures before filers need to supply their SSNs.

Providing an update, the law firm says the court has now asked the commission for information. Fletcher Heald believes this will mark the first time the FCC will need to formally defend its position for requiring the SSNs.

Read its summary.