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‘First in Flight, First in Digital’ Campaign Set to Start

But is it good public service programming for radio?

The Federal Communications Commission plans to launch its DTV education campaign in Wilmington, N.C. this month to prepare consumers about that market’s special early September transition.

The “First in Flight, First in Digital” campaign includes billboard messages, and TV and radio PSAs.

Some engineers wrote to me after my earlier diatribe, when I said radio shouldn’t air such PSAs without some sort of parity, like money up front for the airtime or getting TV to run ads promoting HD Radio.

A couple of readers had two words for me: “Public service.” Radio, they believe, should air those spots for the good of its listening communities.

Some also feel radio could benefit from running the DTV spots. One suggested that radio will have more listeners during the DTV transition next February because they’ll need radio to tell them find out why the heck their TV doesn’t work anymore!