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FM Channel Protections to Soon Change to Accommodate LPFM

Most third-adjacent channel spacing requirements to be eased, reading services to be protected

As of June 4, third-adjacent channel spacing requirements to protect most full-service FMs are going away.

Federal Register publication of the FCC’s recent actions to implement the Local Community Radio Act triggered the effective date.

The commission is still required to maintain current channel protections to protect Radio Reading Services.

Questions still to be decided regarding LPFMs and FM translators have also been published in the Federal Register. Public comments are due on the FCC proposals by May 7 and replies by May 21 filed to MM Docket 99-25. The commission is asking for public input on questions like whether LP10s and LP250s should be licensed or whether and under what conditions it should allow waivers of second-adjacent channel spacing requirements for full-service stations to allow more LPFMs in a market.

The FCC also asked for comments on complaint procedures for cases of third-adjacent channel interference to full-service FMs and interference to FM translator inputs.