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FM Goes Under Water

FM Goes Under Water

Trekking laps across the pool has become more exciting, thanks to new technology from Aqua Sphere that lets swimmers catch tunes from their favorite FM radio stations. The Aqua FM Snorkel’s sound system is based on “bone conduction,” which transmits sound through the user’s teeth and jawbone with a special mouthpiece and no wires or headphones
The mouthpiece transmits sound by contacting molars to mouthpiece tabs. The sensitivity of the Aqua FM’s radio receiver, combined with waterproof materials, makes quality reception possible, says Aqua Sphere president Don Rockwell. “The snorkel receives the entire FM band by operating on two AAA batteries,” said Rockwell. It works at the surface, receiving radio transmissions through its antenna and receiver.
France-based Amphicon developed the snorkel and is also at work on the Aqua FM Pro system, which will contain a transmission system for swim instruction and search and rescue situations, allowing the rescuer to be accurately directed to the victim. Info: