FMi 25T HD Radio Tx Checks in at Honolulu Hotel

Forget “Bend at your knees.”
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Forget “Bend at your knees.”

Forget “Bend at your knees.”

When it comes to moving really heavy stuff, transmitter manufacturer Broadcast Electronics suggests an aerial approach. Check out this cool photo of a helicopter lowering KDNN(FM)’s new FMi 25T HD Radio transmitter through a narrow access in the roof of the Century Plaza in Honolulu.

BE built the 25 kW HD+FM transmitter to be completely disassembled, if necessary, to move into place. To complete KDNN’s conversion to HD Radio, a BE field service engineer is on site this week to reassemble the transmitter and commission it for service.

KDNN is a Clear Channel station and the fourth station in Honolulu to implement HD Radio using a BE transmitter.