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FMiTV Adds Third Station To Roster

FMiTV Adds Third Station To Roster

FMiTV Networks Inc. launched, becoming its third iSuperstation along with and The destination site follows FMiTV’s business model of merging radio and Internet in an online platform of live radio, video, print and interactive media. features four different live original music streams to cater to a variety of tastes – The Jamz, Slow Jamz, Hip-Hop and WBLS Classics – also giving audiences on-demand access to a archive of music and music videos.
While covering events such as “The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards” and movie premieres, the site will feature interviews with musical artists Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Mya, Pink and film personalities including Omar Epps and Spike Lee.
Through contests promotes up-and-coming musicians who submit their work. The iSuperstation also hosts other areas such as “Speak Out” and “This Day in African-American History.”

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