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Ford Pushes DAB in U.K.

Ford Pushes DAB in U.K.

If you want a taste of how digital radio might be promoted, go to the United Kingdom.
A radio campaign supporting Ford’s commitment to DAB launches this week. Ads will appear on 250 stations featuring a racing driver personality.
“The campaign is designed to drive consumers to their local Ford dealer, where they can experience in-car DAB via the Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB 52 digital radio,” according to the advocacy group Digital Radio Development Bureau.
Some dealers have demonstration cars fitted with the radio, which includes AM/FM and DAB radio, plus CD and MP3. Ford also has produced posters and a booklet on DAB as part of a training pack, and printed an article about DAB in its consumer publication.
The bureau has targeted the in-car market as a growth area for U.K. digital radio.