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Gaule Offers Two New Feeds

Suitable for low-power, nonprofits

Radio enthusiast Jerry Gaule operates two free audio networks, offering them to other outlets that would like to carry the content. He envisions these appealing to noncoms, LPFMs, non-profits and Internet stations.

They are “Classic Car Gold Radio,” featuring oldies and hits from 1954 to 1979; and “Country Lovin’ Radio.” Both are offered in mono streaming or MP3 format. Stations need a subaudible tone decoder if they wish to cut away to local ID (25 Hz is used for network cutaway, 35 Hz for network rejoin). Gaule says he participates in BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and SoundExchange, and pays all necessary fees.

Gaule does not sell ads on the streams. He supports the content himself from disability. Anyone can donate via PayPal. For information email [email protected].

Classic Car Gold Radio Network

Country Lovin Radio Network

About Jerry Gaul