GE Spacemaker Telephone Includes AMFM Radio

GE Spacemaker Telephone Includes AMFM Radio
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The new GE Spacemaker Cordless Phone includes an AM/FM radio to free up counter space. BE says this is its first Spacemaker under-cabinet product to include a telephone. The 26976GE1 consists of two sections - the primary Spacemaker telephone unit and a small base unit. The main section with telephone and AM/FM radio mounts under a kitchen cabinet and does not require connection to a phone jack. The phone line plugs into the base unit, which transmits a telephone signal to the cordless Spacemaker telephone.
Atlinks, a subsidiary of Thomson, distributes its products under the GE, RCA, Alcatel and Thomson brands in this country. The 26976GE1 retails for $129.99.