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Geezer Radio Aims at Boomers

Geezer Radio Aims at Boomers

A new program online is targeting Baby Boomers.
The programmers say the 18-49 demographic is no longer the gold standard; they point out that the 50+ demo controls a large portion of the net worth in the U.S., spending an estimated $2 trillion a year.
Geezer Radio is a one-hour weekly podcast that targets boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964. It features news, banter, interviews and bits such as “Angina Monologues.”
Highlights include Barbara Stabiner’s dating advice column, “S.O.S.” or “Stabiner on Sex” and other opportunities for listeners seeking romance and relationships such as “advanced age” Internet dating.
Marty Davis, a former network radio and television journalist, heads Geezer Radio. The show hopes to develop an interactive Web site that features a line of Geezer Radio products like logo coffee mugs, T-shirts and perhaps lingerie.