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Genachowski Explains ‘Third Way’

Online video is part of his campaign to explain his broadband regulatory approach

What is the “third way” legal approach that the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is espousing regarding the nation’s broadband regulatory policy?

True to his reputation as a believer in direct communication via new media, Chairman Julius Genachowski used an online video address to help get his message out.

“This third way is an approach based on my belief that the extreme alternatives to a light-touch approach are unacceptable,” he says in the video. “Heavy-handed prescriptive regulation can chill investment and innovation, and a do-nothing approach can leave consumers unprotected and competition unpromoted, which itself would ultimately lead to reduced investment and innovation.”

The commission said it also has launched a series of new media resources including blog posts, FAQs and a glossary “to educate the public about the complex, technical legal issues involved.”