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Gin Pole Gathering Today

NATE event in Dallas today/tomorrow

People not active in the tower biz might perk up when hear about the NATE Gin Pole Summit; but rest with certainty that no alcohol is involved when working with a gin pole (though there might be some imbibing after the summit).

A gin or jin pole is a moveable lifting tool, a pole with a pulley attached, an important tool used by the tower industry. The summit is taking place today and tomorrow at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott. The meeting is in conjunction with Gordon Lyman of Safety LMSystems, Ernie Jones of Consolidated Engineering Inc. and Don Doty and Pat Moore of Doty Moore Tower Services.

The National Association of Tower Erectors stated in an announcing release: “The intent of the summit is to review the existing TIA 1019-A-2011 standard in regards to the requirements for gin poles, the training for gin poles and the necessary associated training that goes along with working with gin poles.”

It adds, “The information and input NATE receives from this meeting is very important in that it will be used to outline the training parameters in the A10.48 standard.”