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Gordon Smith: ‘This Issue Is Not Going to Go Away’

Leadership talked to members in web meeting

NAB believes that the talking points it has reached with the music industry over the performance rights issue are the best terms it’s going to get, and the trade association wants to hear from members about whether it should continue down the same path or change course.

That’s what the association’s leadership said as it laid out for members where it’s at in its discussions with musicFirst on the performance rights issue.

In a “virtual” town hall-style meeting over the web, NAB leadership stressed several times that there is no agreement yet.

NAB Joint Board Chair Steve Newberry, Radio Board Chair Caroline Beasley, Immediate Past Radio Board Chair Charles Warfield, President/CEO Gordon Smith and Executive Vice President of Radio John David took part in the discussion, which included a question-and-answer session.

All the participants said NAB still opposes the performance Rights Act in its current form but they believe they would be remiss if they didn’t share the particulars of the talks with members and seek feedback; hence the webinar.

Newberry said “we realize it’s not a perfect plan,” the terms of which RW has reported, but that NAB rejected more onerous terms straight out.

Smith said while he believes NAB could defeat the legislation this year, a lot of political capital would be spent by continuing the fight. “This performance rights issue is not going to go away.”

The next step is unclear. NAB wants to hear from members to determine the next step in its talks with musicFirst.

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