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Greater Media Builds Up in Motor City

Greater Media Builds Up in Motor City

Greater Media is building an 11-studio facility for three stations in Detroit. The cluster will include a sizable investment in equipment from Klotz Digital America.
The announcement was made by Chris Crump, director of sales and marketing for Klotz Digital America, and Milford Smith, vice president of radio engineering for Greater Media.
Klotz will supply Greater Detroit Radio Group with its Vadis AudioMedia Platform. The group purchased 23 Vadis 880s and 11 Vadis D.C. II digital consoles for the facility, scheduled for completion early next year.
It will house 11 on-air, news and production studios for FM stations WRIF, WMGC and WCSX. The Vadis Platform will provide central routing and signal distribution via its fiber optic network.