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Gregg to FCC: Mitre Study ‘Flawed’

Gregg to FCC: Mitre Study 'Flawed'

Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. sent a letter to FCC Chairman Michael Powell and the rest of the commissioners blasting the recent Mitre report that suggests 3rd adjacent channel protections be dropped to allow more LPFMs on the air. Based mostly on this report, the commission has recommended to Congress that the channel protections be changed.
“The Mitre study contained several technical and methodological errors that adversely and prejudicially affected its results,” Gregg stated. He cited that just six radios were tested, there was no public disclosure of the technical characteristics of the receivers, and a common antenna was not used in testing to ensure consistent reception.
Further, Mitre did not test lower-adjacent channels for interference, but upper channels only.
“Previous research by the Consumer Electronics Association illustrates that different receivers reject interference to varying degrees, and that many receivers reject upper and lower adjacent channel interference by vastly different amounts.”