GSS Expands Alert FM Service

FM-enabled mobile phones to be able to receive emergency messages
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Global Security Systems (GSS), developer of the Alert FM RBDS-based emergency messaging technology, has announced that it will be making its service available to cell phone service carriers.

Part of the Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS) mandate, the new service will allow cell phones and smartphones with FM chips in them to receive the same emergency messages that FM Alert-capable FM radio stations transmit.

By using embedded FM chips in the phones, the service will be able to work around standard cell phone service — which might be down or overloaded in a disaster area.

The GSSNet system would allow 240-character text messages to be dispersed into selected geographical areas by local, state or federal emergency authorities. The system can also be used with AMBER Alerts.


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GSS Hopes to Expand Digital Alerts

A company developing digital emergency alert technology is focusing its efforts first on hurricane-prone states, hoping success in these areas could lead to national implementation of its system.