Guild Pushes ISRC for BWF

Unbroken file identity chain sought
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In the U.K. the Music Producers Guild is pushing for the International Standard Recording Code to become an acceptable embed for Broadcast WAV files.

ISRC is a data chunk that identifies a specific digital track much like the ISBN identifies individual published books.

According to a release, it is important that the “ISRC is correctly associated with recordings all the way from mastering studio to royalty management systems …” and that the chain, starting at the recording studio, remain unbroken.

Several digital audio workstation developers have already signed on including Magix (Sequoia), Merging Technologies (Pyramix) and Prism Sound (SADiE).

The Broadcast WAV format is a “professional” version of the standard WAV. It provides data slots for metadata but otherwise plays just as a WAV file.


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