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Half-Built KFI Tower Falls

The tower was meant to replace a 760-foot-tall tower demolished in December 2004.

A construction worker was injured when a tower under construction for KFI(AM) crashed to the ground in La Mirada, Calif., Wednesday.

The worker’s injuries were thought to be minor and the reason for the tower collapse was not immediately known, Clear Channel Radio executive Greg Ashlock told The Orange County (Calif.) Register.

The new KFI tower has been the center of debate regarding the safety risks of its size and location, with pilots and officials at a nearby airport opposed to the tower’s reconstruction, the newspaper reported.

The tower was meant to be 684 feet tall and was to replace a 760-foot-tall tower demolished in December 2004 when a small plane crashed into it. The new structure was about 250 feet tall when it came down Wednesday.

KFI was able to continue broadcasting from a 200-foot-tall temporary tower on the same property.