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Hannity Ponies Up for Fired Worker

Attempts to make silk purse out of a sow’s ear

Nationally-syndicated talk show host Sean Hannity put his money where his mouth is last week when one of his segments got an Affordable Care Act call center worker fired.

Hannity placed a call to a call center on Monday. Earline Davis took the call. The segment consisted of Hannity asking Davis about the act and what answers that call center employees were supposed to provide to callers.

Davis was fired on Tuesday, allegedly for speaking to a radio show. Hannity invited her on his TV program later in the week and promised to make up for a year’s worth of lost salary — $26,000 in two gifts; one to her and one to one of her children ($13,000 may be gifted to an individual without incurring taxes, Hannity explained).

Hannity also began advertising for Davis’ employment, preferably in her hometown of Panama City, Fla. Hannity is syndicated by Premiere Networks.