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Harris Cuts 100+ Jobs?

Company declines to comment on reports to that effect.

Harris has laid off some 100 people, I’m hearing. The cuts seemed to have gone across all divisions.

The gist seems to be that sales are off, sources told me. Among those now on the street who are familiar to radio readers are Chris Pannell, Joe Maleski and Terry Becht, according to sources.

Pannell was promoted to director of North American radio sales last year when Harris began its channels partners program, enlisting some 15 outside dealers, distributors and system integrators to help sell its gear in smaller markets.

Radio sales staff now report to Joe Mack, vice president of television transmission sales, I hear.

Harris officials declined comment.

Like all companies, Harris is facing a tough economy. While the market eventually will turn around (say in one to two years, according to my experts), unlike previous downturns, this recession has spread to the credit markets, a double whammy. People and businesses are trying to avoid spending money, you can see it everywhere. Last weekend, my husband and I ate lunch at a café near us that we’ve been going to for years. The owner walked around and thanked everyone for coming. People aren’t eating out as much in this economy; and stations aren’t buying as much equipment.