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Harris Launches Extreme Digital IBOC Line

Harris Launches Extreme Digital IBOC Line

Harris Corp. is offering a line of equipment to support the expected transition of U.S. radio to in-band, on-channel digital.
The products include Dexstar AM and FM IBOC exciters, as well as a Z-IBOC line of FM transmitters for which common amplification FM/IBOC systems and separate amplification/IBOC-only transmitters are available.
Also new is a plug-in IBOC module for the Intraplex STL Plus digital link. It enables the digital transport of up to 22.5 kHz uncompressed linear stereo program audio at sampling rates of 32, 44.1 and 48 ksps.
The company said its DX and 3DX transmitters for AM can pass the IBOC signal with little or no modification. Planned for the fall Radio Show is the first in a line of lower-power IBOC AM products, a 5 kW transmitter.