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Harris to License iBiquity IP for IBOC Transmitters, Exciters

Harris to License iBiquity IP for IBOC Transmitters, Exciters

IBiquity Digital Corporation and Harris Corporation have agreed on the terms for Harris to license iBiquity’s technology to manufacture IBOC DAB-compatible transmission equipment.
This is the first of iBiquity’s development agreements with an RF equipment manufacturer to get to the next step towards commercial roll-out — a licensing deal. Harris will integrate iBiquity’s technology into a new line of IBOC transmitters and exciters, scheduled for launch at NAB 2002.
“AM and FM radio stations are aggressively preparing to convert their stations to digital broadcasting, and a license agreement with Harris, the transmission equipment market leader, provides broadcasters assurance that IBOC transmission equipment will soon be available,” said iBiquity President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Struble.
This agreement is the culmination of our ten year effort working with iBiquity Digital,” said Dale Mowry, vice president of Transmission Systems, Broadcast Communications Division, Harris Corp. Mowry said Harris anticipated moving quickly with the new line to augment its IBOC-compatible equipment currently in the market.