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HD Radio at the Show

HD Radio at the Show

Ibiquity doesn’t have its own booth at NAB this year. But, HD Radio’s PR folks say, the format will be all over the convention nevertheless.
“Never before has a new consumer technology moved so quickly towards broader consumer adoption,” says a press release from Brainerd Communicators. Proponents’ activities include two drawings for Boston Acoustic receivers aimed at industry trade journalists; remarks by Ibiquity’s Bob Struble at the NAB Broadcast Leadership Dinner; a panel discussion at an off-site conference held by A.G. Edwards & Sons; an appearance of Beasley’s HD Radio Van on Monday; and several sessions including one moderated by the head of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, Peter Ferrara, called “If You Build It, They Will Come.”
Several engineering sessions, reported here earlier, focus on details of HD Radio implementation.