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HD Radio Could Be Commercialized in Switzerland Next September

News is part of HD Radio Day event there

Local FM stations in Switzerland could be transmitting HD Radio signals by next September.

That’s according to a representative of the Swiss communications regulator, who spoke at an HD Radio event in that country this week.

The Swiss government plans to introduce a dual system for digital radio, according to Marcel Regnotto, spokesman for the Swiss communications regulator. Switzerland plans to have the public service broadcaster and new private stations transmit their programming using DAB+, while existing local FMs digitize their stations using their FM frequency. In the next few weeks, he said, a task force will begin planning operational implementation of HD Radio for those local FMs. They hope to launch the first commercial services for HD Radio in September of 2010. Task force members would make a definite decision next April.

A representative of a German radio association said that country is still far from making a decision on digital radio technology.

Some 100 radio experts and regulators from a total of 10 countries attended International HD Radio Day in Lucerne, Switzerland. The organizer, the European HD Radio Alliance, focused on the opportunities for private commercial broadcasters.

This was the third year the event has been held; it took place Oct. 15. Several presentations focused on the upcoming operational start-up of HD Radio in Europe, according to the press release from the alliance. Speakers from Clear Channel and Cox Radio shared their experiences with the technology for attendees.

Attendees could drive a car with an installed HD Radio receiver, and try out new portables now on the market in the U.S.