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HD Radio Trial Proceeds in Norway

IBiquity pitches "complimentary local digital radio solution" as appropriate for other countries too

A group of broadcasters testing all-digital FM HD Radio in Norway has completed the first phase of the process.

According to a press release from the Norwegian Local Radio (NLR) Association and distributed by HD Radio developer iBiquity Digital, the Oslo testing involves Radio Metro, iBiquity and equipment maker Nautel. “The first phase of testing included many of the advanced digital radio services offered by HD Radio technology, including Program Info, HD2/HD3 audio services as well as the visual service known as Artist Experience,” it stated.

IBiquity conducted field tests with Svein Larsen, chairman of the Norwegian Local Radio Association, which comprises 123 local stations. Larsen was quoted saying the 100-watt transmitter covered the city of Oslo. An iBiquity official confirmed to Radio World that this testing was of the all-digital mode.

The announcement quoted iBiquity Vice President of International Business Development Erik Hjelm saying other countries should “follow Norway’s lead in considering HD Radio technology as a complimentary local digital radio solution.”

Work began under test authorization in June. Testing is expected to continue through the end of the year.

As we have reported, a second trade association for local radio recently formed in Norway. According to, that newcomer group says it promotes the eventual switch off of the FM network, in contrast to NLR, which it says wants to preserve FM. The new group is seen by some as a DAB advocate.

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