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ARS Is Now Open for Filing State EAS Plans

Combines ETRS with a new electronic filing platform

If you are involved in your state’s Emergency Alert System plans, this item is for you.

The Federal Communications Commission announced that its Alert Reporting System, or ARS, is now open for filing of state EAS plans.

The ARS online filing system combines the FCC EAS Test Reporting System, or ETRS, with a new electronic one for the filing of state plans, one that the commission says has been streamlined.

The deadline to file electronically has not been announced, but it will be a year after the publication of a pending notice in the Federal Register.

State Emergency Communications Committee members can access the ARS here (click on the ETRS icon to access).

“When the commission adopted the ARS, it also amended its rules regarding State EAS Plan content and defined current EAS designations to ensure that SECCs are able to use those designations to help them describe their respective state’s EAS alert distribution hierarchies in their State EAS Plans,” the commission continued.

“Compliance with the new State EAS Plan content rules and EAS designations will become required at the same time as the filing deadline for electronic submission of State EAS Plans in the ARS.”

The announcement was made by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the commission. Questions should be emailed to


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