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Aug. 26 Is the Second “California Public Radio Day”

Stations will again coordinate to raise awareness and money

California Public Radio DayThe organizers of California Public Radio Day are bringing it back for a second year.

The effort aims to raise awareness and financial support for public radio. The date is Thursday Aug. 26.

After a successful inaugural year, California Public Radio Day is returning with 30 stations coming together to commemorate the day,” they said in an announcement. Thirteen stations participated last year.

“In the single-day celebration aimed at creating awareness for the vital public service public radio brings to the community, stations across the state, from San Diego to Arcata, will collectively encourage listeners to support their local stations.”

California Public Radio Day will take place on August 26. On social media the campaign uses hashtag #CaliforniaPublicRadioDay.

The organizers said events of the past year have only underlined “the importance of access to trustworthy public media for everyone in our communities.”

Participating stations are Cap Radio (Sacramento), DubLab (Los Angeles), KALW (San Francisco), KAZU (Monterey Bay), KCBX (San Luis Obispo), KCHO North State Public Radio (Chico), KCLU (Santa Barbara), KCRW (Santa Monica), KCSN (Northridge), KDFC (San Francisco), KDVS (UC Davis), KFCF (Fresno), KISL (Avalon), KJCC (San Jose City College), KKJZ (Long Beach), KMUD (Redway), KPBS (San Diego), KPCC (Pasadena), KPFA (Berkeley), KPFK (Los Angeles), KQED (San Francisco), KRCB (Santa Rosa), KUSC (Los Angeles), KVCR (San Bernardino), KVPR (Fresno), KXLU (Loyola Marymount University), KXFM (Laguna Beach), KZSC (Santa Cruz), KZYX (Mendocino), UCLA Radio (UCLA).