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Comment Deadlines Set for FM Antenna Computer Modeling

FCC recently opened an NPRM to allow a rule change requested for antenna manufacturers

FCC, Federal Communications CommissionDue dates have now been published to comment on the FCC’s proposed rule change regarding directional FM antenna patterns.

We reported earlier that the commission has opened a notice of proposed rulemaking to update its rules for applicants proposing directional antenna facilities for FM and low-power FM stations. The commission wants input on rule revisions allowing an applicant to verify a directional antenna pattern through the use of computer modeling.

The proposal was made in a joint petition by Dielectric, Jampro, Radio Frequency Systems, Shively Labs and Educational Media Foundation.

The NPRM asks specifically for help from “engineers, broadcasters, antenna manufacturers, and other interested parties” to help clarify some issues raised by the proposed rule.

[Read the full NPRM text.]

Now that the NPRM has appeared in the Federal Register, the FCC can set the comment deadlines. So comments are due by Dec. 30, and reply comments by Jan. 14.

Use the FCC online comment system, and type 21-422 in the “Specify Proceeding” field.

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