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GBS Highlights Government Push for FM in India

Technology company says its technologies will help

GeoBroadcast Solutions is citing a development in India as evidence of the usefulness of its FM geotargeting technology.

As Radio World has reported, the government Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued an advisory in late April urging cellphone manufacturers to ensure that FM radios are active in their products.

The ministry wrote to phone manufacturers: “[I] should be ensured that wherever the mobile phone is equipped with an inbuilt FM radio receiver function or feature, that function or feature is not disabled or deactivated but is kept enabled / activated in the mobile phone. Further, it is advised that if the FM radio receiver function or feature is not available in the mobile phones, it may be included.” The advisory emphasized the ability of the poor to get free FM radio services and of the government to disseminate real-time information during calamities.

Now GBS says this government push “will be enriched by the GeoBroadcast Solutions’ MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting systems recently approved for testing by Prasar Bharati, India’s public broadcaster.”

The press release continued: “MaxxCasting’s technology will enhance the broadcast signals and widen the reach of the largest radio network in the world, All India Radio. And, with the inclusion of ZoneCasting, the station’s signal can be subdivided — or zoned — with specific neighborhood content vital for listeners using their mobile phones anywhere they may be. FM-enabled mobile phones will offer the ability to portably listen to radio and receive important content that will support the Indian government’s new mandate.”

Dev Banad Viswanath, president of GBS partner GeoGlobal, was quoted in the release saying that the GBS technologies “will allow maximum clarity and signal strength as well as targeted programming to the vast number of listeners throughout the country. The government’s directive is clear, and we are hopeful to be able to help in that endeavor.”

He said GBS wants to discuss with the government “other compatible digital options that will enhance the clarity and strength of FM signals.”

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