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NJBA Claims Success in Daylight Saving Fight

Association says Rep. Frank Pallone "has effectively stopped the legislation"

The New Jersey Broadcasters Association says radio stations that oppose the idea of making Daylight Saving Time permanent can breathe easy.

“The NJBA’s efforts on Congress to consider the impact on AM broadcasters if Daylight Saving Time becomes permanent have yielded successful results because of Congressman [Frank] Pallone’s steadfast support of broadcasters,” the association told its members in its newsletter.

It said Paul Rotella, president/CEO of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association, met with the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee about this issue.

“The chairman is a fellow New Jerseyan, Rep. Frank Pallone,” it pointed out.

According to the newsletter, Rotella expressed his concern with the bill introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio and passed by the Senate, that would make DST permanent and do away with the need to move clocks forward and back every half year.

Rotella told Pallone that if the bill became law, many if not most AM stations would lose an hour of morning drive with no or reduced power.

“But the chairman has effectively stopped the legislation from moving forward,” NJBA said, “bringing a sigh of relief to the Garden State’s early morning AM radio community,” and presumably those in the rest of the country as well.