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Popular Ford Truck Gets SiriusXM Hybrid Radio

Among the benefits are On Demand functionality and personalized recommendations

SiriusXM 360L for Ford display
A user’s display; note On Demand tab. Two more images appear at bottom of this story.

The SiriusXM audio platform that includes hybrid radio capabilities will be available on the popular Ford F-150 model trucks. The two companies announced that SiriusXM with 360L will be available in 2021 F-150s.

Hybrid radio combines one-way over-the-air reception with streaming delivery and two-way data; in this case the OTA service is a satellite signal.

Broadcast companies too are interested in hybrid radio capabilities to keep competitive in the dash, and have been dealing with both technical and royalty questions, as we have reported.

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Among the hybrid radio benefits of the 360L system are On Demand functionality and personalized recommendations. SiriusXM also promotes “seamless navigation between satellite and streaming channels and SiriusXM On Demand content.” The system can receive over-the-air software updates as well.

Ford buyers and lessees get a trial subscription to SiriusXM’s All Access package. The audio platform will be integrated into Ford’s new SYNC 4 infotainment system.

Audi recently announced it would offer hybrid radio capable of receiving terrestrial analog and HD Radio signals, and it also will support the SiriusXM system in several models. Dodge Ram was the first to offer 360L in a 2019 model; and GM announced in December that it planned to bring 360L to a million cars in 2020. But Audi is believed to be the only system with hybrid radio capability that supports terrestrial FM radio as well.


Satellite channels with logos are visible.


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