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Radio Listening Up Among Younger Brits

Compared to pre-pandemic, survey finds listening increased during the day, at dinner, and while showering

Infographic Courtesy Pure Digital. Click to embiggen.

A new study from digital radio manufacturer Pure Radio finds that for many Brits, radio now provides the soundtrack for their lives.

This is especially true 18- to 34-year-olds. The survey found that more than 62% of the younger audience segment is tuning to radio compared to pre-pandemic. Despite older listeners not changing their listening habits as dramatically, on average, more than a third of U.K. listeners find themselves listening to the radio more now.

In part, Pure Radio stated in a release announcing the survey findings, the increase is connected to working from home. A fifth of respondents noted they listen to the radio while eating breakfast or during the workday with 11 a.m. being the most popular time to listen to the radio. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they put on the radio to help combat feelings of loneliness.

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The biggest difference in listening habits between younger and older listeners comes in an unexpected place — the shower. The survey found that the 18–24 segment was four times as likely to listen to the radio while washing themselves than those aged 45+ (20% of 18–24 respondents versus just 5% of those 45+). Younger listeners were three times as likely to listen to the radio during dinner than older listeners (18% vs. 6%).

When it comes to their preferred listening method, 27% of 18–34s said they found listening via a traditional radio receiver most convenient.

Pure Radio surveyed 2,000 Brits for the study to understand the trust people have in radio as part of a campaign connected to World Radio Day 2022.