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World College Radio Day Approaches

Rocker Bret Michaels named official 2020 Ambassador for Oct. 2 event

World College Radio Day 2020Though much of college radio station activity has been hamstrung by COVID-19 limitations, early October will see the return of World College Radio Day.

Officially Oct. 2, the 10th annual World College Radio Day will feature rocker Bret Michaels as its Official 2020 Ambassador. Michaels is best known for his work with the band, Poison.

He said, “In this difficult time, there has never been a more important year, or a better year, for the hope that college radio brings. … Music itself is the soundtrack to life and helps drive us through these unprecedented times. When dorms and campuses may be quiet, this should be the time for college radio to be going strong.”

Michaels himself will work with his foundation, Life Rocks Foundation, to donate $10,000 to select college radio stations.