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Hey, 99-Point-One

NAB says most licenses are literally unopposed, proving broadcasters serve their communities.

The National Association of Broadcasters says 99.1 percent of all licensees are “serving their communities so well that their license renewal applications were unopposed” in the last two renewal cycles.

It made that observation in reply comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission concerning proposed rules that it feels would place increased regulatory burdens on radio and television stations.

NAB also says 28 senators and 130 representatives have sent letters to the FCC expressing concern over the proposed localism rule changes.

“As NAB stated in its initial comments, and as thousands of commenters, both broadcasters and third parties, have now shown, radio and television broadcasters are closely connected with their local communities and provide a wealth of community-responsive programming,” NAB wrote.

The “assertions of small numbers of media critics” clamoring for “more programming of a specific type” are not supported by the record before the FCC, it argued.