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HHB Cites CD Recording Issues

HHB Cites CD Recording Issues

HHB is offering what it calls optimized CD-R media, citing evidence that high-record-speed discs are failing in standalone audio CD recorders.
The company quotes one pro audio service center as seeing an increasing number of audio CD recorders from all manufacturers with the fault reported as “does not record.”
When the recorders are checked out using correctly speed-rated discs, they work fine, HHB states. Users do not realize that many manufacturers increase the speed rating for their media to be compatible with the latest high-speed computer drives, making them no longer compatible with the 1x drives used in audio CD recorders, it argued.
HHB said its new product was designed specifically for use with standalone audio CD recorders and duplicators. The HHB Professional Recorder Media line includes a range of 74-minute, 80-minute, printable and bulk-packaged silver type discs, rated at 1x to 24x, as well as a gold-type 1x to 8x disc.