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Hispanic Smartphone Growth Rate Outperforms

It paces ahead of that of overall U.S. population

Cell use is increasing faster among Hispanics than the U.S. population at large.

That’s according to research firm Scarborough Research. “The percentage of Hispanic adults who use a cellular phone grew 26% since 2005, vs. 18% for all adults,” it stated.

“Currently, cellular usage among Hispanics is on par with that of the general population as 82% of Hispanic adults use a cellular phone, vs. 84% of total adults.”

It found that Hispanics are more likely than other cellular users to text and more likely than other cellular users to use their wireless device to download music, play games and access social networking.

“Additionally, the Hispanic smartphone growth rate is outpacing that of the total population. Nineteen percent of Hispanic adults currently live in a household that owns one or more smartphones — such as Blackberries or iPhones — vs. 5% in 2005. Twenty-three percent of the general population currently owns these devices in their household, growing from 9% in 2007.”

The research firm said the findings are important to marketers. “As this industry continues its rapid evolution, the importance of Hispanics as mobile marketing targets will only continue to expand.”