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Ibiquity Station Fee Details Emerge

Ibiquity Station Fee Details Emerge

More details are beginning to emerge about Ibiquity’s licensing fees to stations, as the IBOC developer starts to send contracts to stations. A year ago, RW told readers the fees Ibiquity would charge stations to use its technology would be based on the FCC’s annual fees. The amounts each station would pay, in addition to equipment purchases, would range from about $1,000 annually for a small station and up to about $12,000 annually for a large market FM. The most a large market FM would likely pay is about $70,000 total.
Stations may also choose to pay in one lump sum, but Ibiquity has said most stations prefer to pay annually until the total amount owed is paid off.
Also covered in the agreements is the percentage Ibiquity plans to gain if stations have profits from the data services they’d provide with the IBOC technology.